Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is owned and published by SwapDrive. It contains details of how we (SwapDrive) intend to collect, gather, use and process your data. 

Your privacy is important to us. That is why we made this policy document available in the first place. We want to show you how we do our data collection and expect that you consent when the request to make your data available comes.

You agree to this privacy policy through your continued use of this platform. You automatically give consent when you visit and navigate this website. You may discontinue using this platform if you have a contrary view and do not wish to abide by our privacy policy and the information provided therein.  

1: Privacy Principles:

Everyone at SwapDrive, such as team members, owners, and employees, respects your privacy and values your presence on this platform. We don’t take your presence on this platform for granted, and it’s one reason we wrote this privacy policy. 

We want you to know how we collect, process, transfer, manage, store, and protect your data, including the right available to you. 

We, us, SwapDrive follow applicable international data protection and storage laws and best practices. Therefore, we ensure data kept with us are stored and protected using current security measures. 

Data submitted on this website are stored, processed, and maintained in a database, server, or cloud storage located in the United States territory. 

If you are against storing your data in the United States of America, you have a right to reject such. But note that such refusal means you may not get the best out of this website, so you may discontinue using this website. 

We also demand that visitors can only use this platform by consenting to our privacy policy. 

2: Personal Data We May Collect:

You must know what data/information we may collect, gather, or a request from you. We will use the information for the purpose intended in this privacy policy. 

  • Name
  • Username
  • Phone number
  • Billing address
  • Information provided during registration
  • Information we may request when responding to our surveys.

3: How We May Use Your Information

These are the reasons for which we may request your information and what we use them for. 

  • Personalize web experiences for visitors, ensuring that they can navigate the website smoothly
  • Improve any aspect of the website or service that needs improvement. 
  • Interact with visitors, if necessary and required
  • Offer services according to the agreement and obligation to provide such.
  • Protect users from online fraudsters and ensure that time spent on this platform is worthwhile. 

4: Information Sharing Policy:

We may share your information, as highlighted in this policy document section. We do not sell, rent, trade, or request compensation in exchange for our visitors’ data.      

We won’t disclose your information to third parties unless requested legally or as stipulated in this policy document.  

Take note of these

  • We reserve the absolute legal right to share your data with a third party like the security agency or law enforcement agency, as required under the law. We may do so in response to a court order, warrant, or subpoena.  
  • We may share information whenever necessary to protect you from fraud and boost confidence on our platform. 

5: Notice To All California Residents

Here is a special notice to all California residents. With some exceptions, California residents seeking a disclosure of (a) personal details/information requested or collected (b) personal details/information disclosed for business have the right to do so. 

If you reside in California or other states and would like to request a disclosure, reach us on our official website

6: Protecting Children’s Privacy

This platform is NOT for teenagers or children below the legal age allowed by the state to visit or use online platforms. We do not encourage children to visit, use or provide their data on this platform.   

If you are a parent and you have reasons to believe your kids have used or are using our platform and have made their information available, please get in touch with us immediately to take action. You can reach us at

7: Change Of Privacy Policy

The information on this privacy policy is as is. They are provided to guide you as you visit or use this platform. The information herein is subject to alteration or modification. In other words, we may alter, add, remove, modify or re-arrange this privacy policy without prior notice. 

We implore you to check out this section regularly to get updates. We, SwapDrive, employees, and members will not be held liable for any injury, pain, failure, disappointment, misunderstanding, or loss incurred from the changes made to this privacy policy. 

You can contact us for clarification on any section of this policy paper at