About Us

Welcome to SwapDrive! 

Here’s my story and the plan for this website. It’s long, but I am going to make it as brief as possible. 

I began this incredible journey over 15 years ago. I mean, not this website, but my career journey in IT and I have always been passionate about computer hardware. 

I have dedicated over 15 years to the IT industry and I enjoy discussing, and learning about computer hardware (Because hardware is king when choosing a computer for gaming, video editing, graphics design, etc). It wouldn’t have been possible for me to create this blog (SwapDrive) without the practical knowledge and experience I have gathered over the years. 

I have worked for several well-established IT companies, though I didn’t get to the top overnight. I started small and walked my way up.

Oh, please forgive my manners! 

I am John Parker, a dad of two lovely boys and a princess. I am a computer science graduate and have a Master’s degree in Computer Science. 

I left my job to focus on my passion, which include providing information about computers. But this time, I want to focus on two computer hardware I feel other blogs aren’t paying much attention to. They include storage devices (HDD and SSD) and RAMs.

I want to make this blog the go-to platform for information, tips, ideas, reviews, and advice on PC storage devices (HDD and SSD) and RAMs. My vision is to make SwapDrive the #1 platform for all three computer hardware. 

Most importantly, I want to share my ideas, experience, and knowledge on the hardware that we’ll discuss on this blog to help you make an informed decision. 

My Passion:

I am obsessed with computers (their operation and hardware) and IT, in general. Things about computers fascinate me. Most of my friends and people who know this about me always say I am too passionate about computers and they claim it’s because I studied computer science and have worked in the IT industry for over a decade. 

Well, they aren’t far from the truth. But the thing is, I have always loved computers from a very early age (I play a lot of PC games growing up and I still do today). They intrigue me. My birthday gift when I turned 14 was a gaming computer. The day I took delivery of the gift is a day I won’t forget in my entire life, given how happy it made me. 

Well, my passion is so simple.  

You can catch me watching soccer or playing video games if I am not talking or writing about computers (or computer hardware). I also love reading and traveling. I love visiting new places and hope to travel the entire world before I turn 80. 

Who Are We?

We are SwapDrive! The leading platform for all things drives and RAMs. Storage devices and RAMs are the pieces of hardware we will focus on. 

We’re a community. That’s how we treat this platform and want it to be. We have a team of writers passionate about computer hardware with immense knowledge of RAMs and storage devices. 

Our team comprises people from different parts of the globe. We want a healthy community of contributors that can keep you, our esteemed visitors, engaged and informed regarding storage devices and RAMs for PCs. 

Why We Created A Team For SwapDrive

Our plan for SwapDrive is too massive for one person or a few persons to handle. It requires a team effort to achieve. 

We want to build a platform that consistently provides valuable information on solid-state drives, hard disc drives, and Random Access Memory (RAM). We want SwapDrive to be the go-to platform for everything about storage devices and RAMs. 

I understand that most websites are managed by just one person, which I am not against. But at SwapDrive, we believe in teamwork. We also can cover much and help our esteemed visitors by creating a team comprising of people with sound knowledge on the computer hardware that we’re discussing. 

Today, we are gradually achieving our goals. And we’re so motivated and ready to help our community of friends (our esteemed visitors) make informed decision when choosing storage devices or RAM that meets their needs. 

What SwapDrive Is All About

At SwapDrive, we focus on three things; hard disc drives (HDD), solid-state drives (SSD), and random access memory (RAM).

We want to be the #1 blog for information on storage devices and RAMs. We are ready to continually give you information on these subjects so that you can make an informed decision when buying your next computer or custom-building one. 

Here is a breakdown of what you’re getting from us. 

(Hard Disc Drive) HDD: We bring you the latest news and updates on hard disc drives. You’ll get tips, ideas, reviews, and recommendations on HDDs from this platform. 

We want you to have sound knowledge of hard disc drives to make an informed decision when needed. 

(Solid State Drives) SSD: If you want the latest updates, tips, ideas, information, reviews, and recommendations on solid-state drives, this is where you should be. 

We equally want you to make the right decision when the need to make a choice arises. 

(Random Access Memory) RAM: RAMs are crucial in every PC, so you must choose the ideal RAM when custom-building a PC or choose one that can meet your needs when buying a PC. We will publish all you need to know about RAMs here to enable you to make an informed decision. 

You’ll find general information on RAMs, including tips, reviews, comparisons, the latest news, reports, and updates on RAM. 

Why SwapDrive?

We want to be the #1 platform for information on HDD, SDD, and RAMs. And we provide quality information that will help you make the best decision when choosing computer hardware. 

You will also get unbiased reviews from us so that you can save time and pick the right product when building your PC or buying a brand-new one. 

You can subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on the latest news and reports on RAMs, HDDs, and SSDs. 

Please note that access to the information we provide on this platform is 100% free.